Company history

2004 Heidrun Grüner acquires an eight-seater minibus and founds Tisner Shuttle, a company offering a rental vehicle with driver.

2005 Due to popular demand, she decides to purchase a second vehicle. Her husband, Manfred, joins the company as a driver.

2007 Heidrun obtains a formal qualification in business management in the domestic and international passenger road transport sector by examination.
         She buys the Texeltours company, along with its 14-seater minibus and one car.

2008 Tisner Shuttle expands further with the acquisition of a limousine and a 30-seater coach. Employees are hired for the first time.

2009 Heidrun’s son, Andreas, completes a course in domestic and international passenger transport. A 24-seater coach is purchased.

2010 Upon completion of his driving test, Andreas becomes a permanent employee.

2011 The company expands its fleet even further with a 40-seater coach and changes its name to Tisner Shuttle & Reisen.

2012 The company’s first ever vehicle is replaced with a Mercedes Vito.

2013 Upon completion of his driving test, Heidrun’s other son, Patrick, becomes a permanent employee. A 20-seater coach is acquired.

2014 The 24-seater is replaced with a 54-seater coach.

2015 The 14-seater is sold.

2016 The 54 and 30-seater coaches are sold due to their age.

2017 The company’s second ever vehicle is replaced with a Mercedes Vito. The 20-seater coach is sold.

2018 A four-wheel drive car is purchased to replace the limousine.

2019 The company celebrates its 15th anniversary.