Company history

2004 Heidrun Grüner starts the company activity as a rental car with driver, mainly for shuttle service and school transport and names the company Tisner Shuttle.
         The use a minibus with 8 seats.

2005 Due to of demands she decided to buy a second vehicle. Her husband Manfred helps her as a driver. 
2007 With an examination Heidrun completes the course for the professional qualification to manage a company in the sector of national and international passenger
         transport by road. The company Texeltours is bought, where is taken over a bus with 14 seats and a bus with 8 seats (wheelchair accessible).
2008 The company extends its offer with a limousine for single persons and a bus with 30 seats for larger groups. Her son Andreas works in the office in between and
         two employees are hired.
2009 With an examination Andreas concludes the course for professional qualification. Another bus with 24 seats is purchased. 
2010 After completing the driver's license, Andreas is now hired.
2011 The company expands its fleet by purchasing a bus with 40 seats and changes the company name to Tisner Shuttle & Reisen.
2012 The very first vehicle is replaced by the purchase of a Mercedes Vito.
2013 Her son Patrick will be hired after completing the driver's license. By purchasing a bus with 20 seats, the company expands its fleet.
2014 The bus with 24 seats will be replaced by the purchase of a bus with 54 seats.

2015 The bus with 14 seats is sold for age reasons.

2016 The buses with 54 and 30 seats are sold for age reasons. A new bus with 22 seats is bought in December.

2017 The second vehicle purchased is replaced by the purchase of a Mercedes Vito. The bus to 20 seats is sold.